600 Rep Kinda Day

So today happened at the gym 600 Reps!!

600 reps was not what I was expecting to do today. Fridays are usually heavy lift days and Tyler got me today!! This was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in the gym. I sure as heck can not remember anything we’ve done that was more grueling to get through. Sure it might have taken an extra 25 minutes, but I got through it. I thought doing the 300 circuit once was all we were going to do. Even though I had some self doubts during the workout, I got through it. Yes, that was today’s theme … Get Through It

I wasn’t feeling like I had a lot of energy today. I didn’t sleep much last night, because I had a lot on my mind carrying over from Wednesday. I almost had a full on break down at the gym in the middle of deadlifts. I see all these people working hard in the gym, and I feel like I’m not working hard enough. I feel like I can give more, but my body is telling me to take those rest days as actual rest. My knee is killing me, my elbow hurts so bad at times it brings tears to my eyes, my lower back is just blah, and my joints are surely sore. However, I can see a huge difference in my body composition. My arms, chest, stomach, and legs all are looking slimmer. I feel really good mentally and still more motivated than ever before. I feel really alive and I want more!!

Somehow I will figure this issue out with wanting to do more in the gym, and listening to my body at the same time. My diet is on point for the most part and it’s becoming easier and easier with every day that passes. Well that’s all I got today. I’m slam bam wore out.




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