On June 2nd, I went to AquaFloat Floatation Center. Little did I know of the xperience I would have after taking this photo. I arrived calm, but excited. That quickly turned into anxiety when it was time to go back to the tanks. I’ve obviously been battling some demons lately, and was all but sure they would rear their ugly heads. Also to add, I am fucking terrified of water.. I can take a bath, or shower, but anything more … shiiiiit.

So there I was looking at something I feared. I got into my birthday suit, and took a quick shower. They require you to shower prior to entering the shower is in the room. I look at the tank once again, the fear was getting stronger. I stepped in and kinda sat down. With 800 pound of salt in the water it’s not as easy as it sounds, haha. I laid back, refusing to let my head go, and holding on for dear life to the sides. Yeah I know it’s only 13″ of water, but still, I was scared shitless. Slowly I put one arm down, then the next. I gut the light off, and there was almost total darkness. The only light was a little form around the door, and the light switch
I did as the owner told me, force my head down into the water and let it pop up like a bobber and relax.I have no clue how long it was before I decided I wanted the top down. I wish I had a video camera for that, lol. I was flopping around like a fish out of water, slipping and sliding everywhere. Once I put the top down …wow, things got crazy. The cool from the room went away. The water is kept at 93 degrees. I let go of any tension left in my body, thanks savasana for letting me know what that feels like.
Then it happened. All of a sudden I couldn’t tell where I was. Was I dead? I had to blink my eyes hard to know whether they were open or not. I couldn’t tell where my body was in space. At one point I felt like I was being raised up in the air. I could feel my body, but it was a very weird sensation. I remember the owner saying he like his hands above his head. So I moved into that position, once again … wow. I felt amazing, well I think that’s what I felt. Again the feeling of my body totally went away. I felt like there was no “me” anymore.
Then a very spiritual xperience occurred. I’m not going to get into the conversation, because I feel that is between me and what ever that was that was with me in that tank. I will say something was holding my hand, something spoke to me, something was wrapped around my body giving me comfort I’ve never had. I had some visions as well, I saw the universe, I saw an angel, dare I say I saw God.

I couldn’t believe the float ended as soon as it did. It was a 90 minute float, but felt like 20 minutes. Truly once I let my body and mind go amazing things happened. Hours later I’m still trying to figure out WTF happened, haha
I’ve already booked my next appointment :
Thanks to the crew at Aqua Float Charlottesville for taking the time to explain things and giving me such an amazing place to have this xperience … See you all soon.


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