First Time Doing a Dropset – Workout 9-30-2015

I never did a dropset before, well, that changed today!!

I felt really good today, still sore from Wednesday, but I ain’t got time for that. I forgot to make a post about Wednesday’s workout click HERE for that. RowsBack to today, did I mention I felt really good!! I drank 32oz of OJ for my preworkout and I swear that makes a huge difference in how I feel. I don’t feel heavy like I do when I eat oatmeal, and it seems I have more energy as well. I met with Tyler an hour early to talk about a HUGE weight loss goal I have for the end of the year, that will be posted tomorrow, along with a weigh in and measurements. I think I set the bar extremely high, but I got to go above to keep that motivation. After the workout we talked a little more about diet, and what I’m going to do in my days off as well, again, that will be in a post tomorrow. After that was done I wanted to do more exercise, I jumped on the elliptical and went for 45 seconds, and my legs about gave out.


TRX RowsI told Tyler I felt like I had more to give in the gym. I feel like that some days, like I could’ve went harder. Tyler assured me I went hard today, and that I don’t want to go so hard that I cause and injury. Ah, speaking of that, when we were doing the dropset on the cable machine my left shoulder was hurting so bad!! Tyler suggested I try to rotate my grip, as seen in the video, but it still hurt like hell. As always Tyler came up with a solution to that and we switched machines. I really am loving the gym more and more every day. I’m getting that feeling back that I once had for yoga …. Just show up and see what happens.



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