This week I’ve decided I need to set some goals for myself. Without goals what’s the point of the journey?
I figured to get started I will make some obtainable goals. In the past I would make goals that I knew I couldn’t achieve. When I wouldn’t achieve them, I could be mad at myself, and therefore sabotage everything in the process. So here is the list


1.Drink at least 1/2 gallon of water a day.Water Haha

Seems simple enough, right? I can drink 2 gallons one day, and the next drink none at all. I know how important drinking water is for weight loss and really health in general, I need to make it a constant.

2. Stick to my meal plan 100% at least 5 days this week.

On Monday I’m starting a new eating plan that my trainer has given me. Also, I will no longer be eating a plant based diet as I am adding some fish. This was not his idea, it was all mine.

3. Be in bed by midnight, lights out Sunday-Thursday.

I always notice how much better I feel when I wake up earlier in the morning. When I started yoga I was having to go at 1pm because I wouldn’t get up until 11 or 12, and even then that was getting up early some days, haha.

4. Make a new YouTube video.

I’ve really slacked off on this. Mostly because I’ve been lazy with it. I do enjoy making the videos so I want to get back into making weekly videos.

5. Smile more 🙂2015-06-16 10.09.19-2

Seems silly? I’m very self conscious of my smile because of my front teeth. One chipped, and the other being discolored, and dentist are to expensive. Maybe one day I will get them fixed, or maybe not. I want to stop holding back my smiles!!

6. Walk for at least 20 minutes a day, on top of the normal routine.

Every day before yoga Heather makes me walk to get the blood flowing. I want to walk more on top of that and the normal routine. I have really bad arthritis in my left knee, so I will be pushing through some pain … Thank you Advil, haha

7. Go watch a movie at a theater.

This is another thing I’m self conscious about. I’m always wonder what I will break next, weighing as much as I do, or will I be able to fit into places and spaces. Again it’s about getting over that fear. I know I’ve missed opportunities because of that fear. Embarrassment isn’t fun, but I’m working on changing things.

8. Buy a stranger a coffee.

I go get tea almost everyday at Dunkin’ Donuts so hopefully the opportunity presents itself to me to make a simple gesture for another human. We need more love in the world!!

9. Get rid of some clutter.

I don’t hold on to a lot of things, but there are some boxes I need to go through and get rid of things I don’t even know I have.

10. Look in the mirror everyday and say “I love you.”

Don’t really need to explain this one <3

There you go 10 goals for the week. I know I can achieve them and that’s the point, it’s just about getting started.

I hope you set a few goals this week as well, and start the process of figuring out the destination.

Love to you all

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  • September 5, 2015 at 6:52 PM

    Hi Richard, latelly I have followed an advice from Durianrider. He says that people who carry a lot of weight (or who have not done any exercise in ages – which would be me) find the most effective way of exercising AND of burning lots of calories in biking. Since I have lived without any sports for about 30 years now and I always find excuses for going to the gym……I finally invested a really small amount of money for a stationary bike. WOW!!! I love it. It makes me going at my own pace, I can listen to music or to youtube or just be silent with my thoughts and enjoy the peace…..whatever…..and I am doing at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day. Burning off the calories – feeling so good with the happy-chemicals in my brain. I wish I had gotten that bike ages ago. Really it turned out the easiest and most effective way to burn my calories without being totally overwhelmed and exhausted, because during exercise you do not have to carry your weight. I hope this might be useful for you. All the best! Melanie


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