Pull That Shit

I felt really good in the gym today. Yes, my back was and is still hurting, but it was better today. I told Tyler what my 3 month goal was for Oct 1 – Dec 31, and he was a little skeptical. Well maybe not skeptical, more realistic, haha. I’m keeping that a secret until the first of October 😉 I’m also going to weigh in at the end of this month to see what going to the gym only, does for me. Nutrition comes next month, I know bass ackwards. I really understood today what getting swole was, ahhhh, all that blood rushing into my biceps and chest was crazy!! It’s 2 hours after and my biceps are still swollen up!! So that about all to report on today, so far it’s been a good day. I got to head to the doctor shortly to get a rash checked out that’s on my arm, a couple people noticed it in my other videos.

Hope you are all having a great day!!


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