September 9th 2015 Workout

Another day in the gym, another day of making them GAINZ, one more workout in the books. I also worked out yesterday, even though it was a off day, with a friend. I think it effected my workout today some, but I was still feeling strong. I’ll be posting about my meal plan soon. I’ve been trying to do a couple different things to see what makes me feel good and I’m close to ┬álocking it in. Going to do this vegan style for sure though. Enjoy the video.

Todays workout was

Rows 3×15 I think it was 100 pounds

Curls 3×15 70 pounds

Chest Fly 3×15 Went from 60-100 pounds

Back Flys 3×15 Went from 80-130 pounds

Ball Slams 3×20 25 pound ball

Sled Pull 3 times 180 pounds plus the sled weight (one day I see how much it weighs.


Much Love,



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