Why Am I Doing This

CT Fletcher Inspired Drop Set!!

Oh what a day so far!! I was still sore from Fridays 600 Rep workout, and then we go for another 400 reps!! I’ve mentioned to Tyler a few times about this 200 rep tricep workout CT Fletcher does, and today we went for half of it. If you don’t know who CT Fletcher is check him out HERE, if you don’t like cursing stay away, haha.

MYAMMy body is screaming at me to take it easy after Friday. I didn’t do much this weekend except recover. I actually slept pretty good, and didn’t do anything out of the norm for me. I got to see my friends son win their soccer tournament, so that was awesome!!

I don’t really have to much to say today. I’m going to do a weigh in video this Thursday along with what I’ve been eating. So stay tuned for that.

Hope you all are having a great day!!


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