Workout Monday – Ahh my damn back

Today was one of those days where I had to drag myself to the gym. My back has been hurting all weekend and stretching hasn’t helped much. It was extremely tight today and doing the rotating ball slams didn’t help. I had a small panic attack because I went for 3:45 seconds on the eliptical and I thought my heart was going to explode.Tyler told me to stop at 3:15, but I like to push it on days where I struggle to go to the gym. Lat Pulldown 1It makes me realize that crap is all in my head. I also pushed through the ball slams, the last set the left lower side of my back was on fire and it was very hard to finish. I know it’s all muscle pain, so screw all that boo hooing, I got work to do. Tyler did switch things up and I did seated chest press and lat pull downs, that helped a lot and because I was seated it helped my back stretch some more.Chest Pressz

So even though I went in a bit low, I came out on a high!! Going to the gym is amazing, and I’m sorry I didn’t give another personal trainer another shot until now. It’s all about finding the trainer that works best with you, or being in the right mindset to just go hard.

Also thank you to the lady who gave me a high five and told me to keep up the good work.


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