Workout Wednesday – 9/16/2015 – 540lb Leg Press

I had a great day in the gym today, except for a little shoulder pain. I always try to fight through the pain, but this time it wasn’t normal pain, it was a sharp pinching pain. I stopped immediately and told Tyler (My Trainer) after a quick evaluation he had me do a stretch. I didn’t realize how tight my left shoulder was, but that stretch was the trick. Also did my first leg press since high school!!

Another day done of putting in work and #showup

Today’s Workout

Eliptical – 3 Min Warmup

I don’t remember the first machines name, but it is really hard. 3×12 45lb

Rows – 3×15 50lbs

Ball slams – 3×25 25lb ball

Some kinda cross thing, lol. Don’t know the weight because the machine readout is broke.

Leg press – I did a lot of reps, we started really light 2x45lb and I worked my way up to 6x45lb per leg, that’s 270lbs each leg!!

I felt really accomplished today, and it was good!!

See you Friday … or Saturday.


One thought on “Workout Wednesday – 9/16/2015 – 540lb Leg Press

  • September 17, 2015 at 5:26 PM

    Heck yea brother, keep smashing n Kudo’s on stopping n stretching it out with the sharp pain 🙂


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